A Guest Lecture on “Change the Game, Change the Stress Issues” organized on Monday, May 3, 2021 by by the Department of Management Studies

A guest lecture on the topic “Change the Game, Change the Stress Issues.” was organized by the Department of Management Studies on the Google Meet platform. The session began at 11.00 a.m.The resource person for the session, Mrs. Mona Lisa Jain was introduced by Mrs. Sayli Ware. Mrs. Jain talked about techniques to handle stress in the pandemic situation, especially focusing upon the need for the same for college students. Mrs.Jain also explained various causes of stress and ways to overcome the stress.She then talked about need to motivate oneself in the times of negativity. Mrs. Jain’s elaborate session turned out to be a very informative session for students. The session concluded with a vote of thanks offered by Mr. Yashwant Kelkar, in-charge of the Dept. of Management Studies.