Workshop on “Creative Calligraphy” on 7th December 2019

The purpose of this workshop was to bring forward the importance of Calligraphy i.e. freehand handwriting as a career in day-to-day life. So we requested Ms. Kavita Sonawane and called her for the Demonstration and workshop.
The workshop started with the ppt presentation of Sonawane ma’am works ranging from various medium and materiality. After that she started her demonstration with her forceful yet stable ink strokes. The demo last for almost 1 Hrs. in which she did calligraphy with plain brush, Calligraphy Tools, wooden Tools, roller, Pen etc. Sonawane ma’am also engaged students for making them create their own creative and imaginative calligraphical painting with the help of various forms.
In this workshop almost all present students came up with their own calligraphy style.
After that towards the end of this workshop we once again discussed the various career opportunities in this field. Students also actively had discussion with Kavita ma’am.
The workshop was concluded by Vote of Thanks by Mr. Dwip Aher sir of the department.

Workshop on “Creative Calligrapgy”
Workshop on “Creative Calligraphy”