The Internal Quality Assurance Cell plays a vital role in ensuring qualitative functioning of the academic and administrative activities of the college. It conducts regular meetings to look into various quality assurance processes, undertakes quality initiatives, prepares perspective plan. IQAC monitors continual improvement in quality management systems fulfilling stakeholders’ satisfaction and achieving better results which have contributed to institutionalizing the quality assurance process. It strives hard to fulfill the mission and objectives of the college by giving updated knowledge, global skills and value based knowledge through scholastics and non-scholastics activities.

Date of establishment of IQAC : 11/06/2005

Aims and Objectives of IQAC:

  • To set the quality benchmarks to promote institutional functioning towards quality enhancement.
  • To develop systematic quality processes to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  • To promote measures for institutional quality enhancement and quality sustenance through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices
  • To promote innovative practices to improve the effectiveness of the teaching-learning experiences of the staff and students.
  • To ensure timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic and administrative activities.
  • To facilitate the creation of a learner centric environment conducive to quality education.
  • To arrange for feedback response from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality related institutional processes.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell Members (Year 2018-19)

Management Representatives:
Dr. Dhanesh Kalal – Management Representative
Dr. R.P. Deshpande – Local Society Representative
Mrs Sharayu Deshmukh – Industrialist (Director, Delta Finochem Pvt. Ltd. Nashik)
Prin. Dr. Mrs. Deepti P. Deshpande – Chairperson
Smt. Sadhana Deshmukh – Vice Principal & Adm. Officer
Dr. Kavita Patil – Co-Ordinator
Dr. Savita Borse – Asst. Co-Ordinator
Dr. Nikhila Bhagwat – Member and NAAC Assist. Coordinator
Dr. Smt. S. P. Kakade – Member (P.G. Coordinator)
Dr. Nitin Songirkar – Member (Commerce Coordinator)
Mr. Sharad More – Office Superintendent
Ms. Naveera Shaikh – General Secretary

H.O.D.’s of all departments are members of IQAC