Important Cells & Committee

Research Cell

Aim and objectives of the committee:

  • To provide a platform for research activity.
  • To motivate research activity amongst the staff and students.
  • To publish research work in various forms.
Prin. Dr. Mrs. D.P. Deshpande Chairperson
Dr. M.A. Bhakay Incharge
Mrs. Y. P. Galapure U.G.C Scheme Incharge
Dr. Mrs. N. D. Bhagwat Member
Dr. Vivek Khare Member
Dr. N. Songirkar Member
Dr. Geeta Yadav Member
Ms. Tejashree Joshi Member
Mr. H.D. Sasane Non-Teaching
C.R.’s (P.G. M.A. & M.Com) Student Representatives

Activities Conducted By the Committee:

  • Organized guest lecture for PG students (M.A, M.Com) on “Synopsis Writing” by Dr.SaritaAurangabadkar, Director, JDC Bytco Institute of Management Studies and Research and Dr.SunitaKulkarni, Ex-Librarian, SMRK.BK.AK MahilaMahavidyalaya on 9th August 2017.
  • Organized a guest lecture for senior college staff members on the topic, “Impact factor and Citation index”. The lecture was delivered by Dr.Mrs.MrunaliniDeshpande, Associate Professor in Department of Physics, H.P.T Arts & RYK Science College on 3rd October 2017 at 11.30 am.
  • A week long presentation of research activities conducted by the staff members was conducted from 22/1/2018 to 29/1/2018. These research activities were then compiled and spiral bound.
  • Organized a two day inter-collegiate workshop for PG students on “Research Methodology” on 5th and 6th Feb. 2018. Dr. Songirkar, Dr.S. Kakade, Dr. V.Wawle, Dr.S.Kachole, Dr.B.Shetty, Dr.SBorse were invited as resource persons.
  • Scheduled scrutiny of PBAS files with documentary evidence from 24/2/2018 to 3/3/2018.

Library Committee

Prin. Dr. Mrs. D.P. Deshpande Chairperson
Dr. V.K. Kamble In charge
Mrs. Yamini Galapure Secretary
Dr. Honashree Patil. Member-Commerce
Mr. A.K. Tayde Member-Arts
Ms L Paul Member-Arts
Mr. N. Rote Member-BMS.
Mrs. Sonali Kakade Member-H.Sc
Mrs. A. Murkute Member- Jr. College
Mrs. S. Ahirwar Member- MCVC
General Secretary Student Representatives
Mr. D. Bhavsar Non-teaching


  1. To provide for proper organization and functioning of the library, documentation services and updating the stock of books.
  2. To provide for modernization and improvement of library and documentation services..
  3. To recommend to the Management Council fees and other charges for the use of library services by students and others.
  4. To prepare annual budget and proposals for development of the library for approval of the Management Council.
  5. To submit the annual report on the functioning of the library.

Activities and Events:

A. LIBRARY ORIENTATION:Total Participants: 443

B. INTERNET ORIENTATION:On 21st August 2017 organized ‘Internet Literacy’

Programme for all new students of Junior Section. Mrs. Manisha Joshi as a subject expert delivered a  Lecture through power point presentation.  Total 227 students attended this programme.

C. LIBRARY DAY: On 27th September 2017 celebrated a Library Day. Organized ICT based Quiz Competition. Total 85 students participated in this competition. Winner of the Competition are:

  1. Rajput  Kiran  S (T Y B Com)
  2. Dalavi Ankita (Dip In Id)
  3. Shikhare Pranali R (F Y B Com)

D. ICT Awareness Week:  On 4 and 14 September 2017, in ICT Awareness Week Library orientation about E-Resources was conducted for staff as well as students.

E. Books Exhibition: Organized Book Exhibition and participation in the activity conducted by Marathi Department on occasion of मराठीभाषादिन. 27th Feb 2018

Shatarupa Competitive Cell

Prin. Dr. Mrs. D.P. Deshpande Chairperson
Dr. M.A. Bhakay Incharge
Dr. Mrs. N. D. Bhagwat Member
Dr. Vivek Khare Member
Dr. N. Songirkar Member
Dr. Geeta Yadav Member
Ms. Tejashree Joshi Member
Mr. H.D. Sasane Non-Teaching
C.R.’s (P.G. M.A. & M.Com) Student Representatives

Name of the Committee Members:

  • Mrs. S. Kelkar
  • Dr. Mrs.N.D.Bhagwat (Member)
  • Dr. VivekKhare (Member)
  • Mrs. SonaliKakde
  • Mr. R. N. Chavan
  • Mrs. S. R. Jogi
  • Mr. More (O. S.)(Member)

Aims and Objectives:

  • To create a culture within the college students to face various competitive examinations.
  • To develop library collection with various resources regarding various competitive examination.
  • To organize various activities /programmes like guest lectures, workshops by experts from various    fields.

Activities Conducted:

  • College library displays regularly various information regarding competitive exams, preparation and career development and opportunities in various fields.
  • A lecture was organized for college students on 5th August 2017 on “Preparation of Competitive Exams”. The Resource Persons were Mrs. Leena Tank (Coach Competitive Examinations) and Mrs. SangitaKadam (Police Commissioner Office, Nashik)
  • Matoshri College of Management Studies and Research Center had organized “Talent Hunt” Program for our students. The program was followed by the guest lecture of Mr. Vikrant Aher (Lecturer in Matoshri Education Society). Total 108 students were participated in the activity.
  • College library build up collection on various competitive exams. Library provided additional library pocket to the member students of ‘Shatarupa’ to borrow one more book of competitive exam.