Focus Activity of the College

Educational Exhibition ‘SRUJAN’:

This practice is a unique and a major student centric activity. It nurtures holistic development of students. In this educational exhibition students get an opportunity to use their creativity to portray the salient features and thematic presentations pertaining to their departments.‘SRUJAN’ means creativity. Our institution provides unique educational courses such as Home Science, Music, Bachelor of Visual Arts, Bachelor of Management Studies; exclusively for girl students, which have good job and career opportunities. These courses being different in nature and subject, people do not have awareness of the same. Hence we organize the educational exhibition, SRUJAN!

SRUJAN is an innovative way of showcasing the creativity and talent of students.It provides students an opportunity to polish and improve their skills.It also promotes a scientific temper in the students.

Quality Control Cell (QCC):

This practice was established to monitor academic and administrative systems to promote quality improvement and quality sustenance. The institution’s mission is to ‘provide quality education to empower women’ and therefore quality improvement and sustenance is the core culture of the institute. Hence, the institute established the ‘Quality Control Cell’. QCC monitors quality in academic activities by providing standardized formats to each department and committee to maintain the quality procedures which help in smooth functioning of all activities. QCC also helps to foster quality enhancement by carrying out ‘feedback mechanism’.

Exuberant Outreach Activities:

(‘Rangasparsh Exhibition’ and ‘SangeetMohostav’)
These practices were started to create special platforms for students to explore their own talents and skills and also to connect with community through artistic expression. These forums are open for all Nashikites, free of cost. All the students of the respective departments participate in these activities along with teachers.

  • Each year the students of Music Department organize a Musical Concert as ‘SangeetMohostav’ in the city auditorium to display the singing talents as well as widen the exposure of students from Music department by presenting musical performances. Vocalists and Instrumentalists from all over India are called to perform in this Musical Concert hence students get an opportunity to share the stage with renowned artists from all over India. This concertis attended by more than 1000 citizens of Nashik every year.
  • Once a year the students of Drawing and Painting Department put up an exhibition of students’ paintings as ‘Rangasparsh’ to showcase paintings created by students of Drawing and Painting Department. This painting exhibition is visited by more than 500 citizens of Nashik every year.

Health and Wellness:

This practice was started to monitor the health status and well being of teaching staff by organizing group health check-ups of female staff of 40 plus age group. Important medical tests are carried out annually.This activity helps to monitor health parameters and predict future health dangers if any at an early stage. Female staff of 40 plus age group registers with reputed local Gynecologist having her own hospital, under the banner of ‘Well Women Clinic’ which conducts group health check-ups at concessional rates. College gives permission to carry-out the medical tests on a working day in a group that extends institute’s support and teachers carry out this activity with a strong ‘WE feeling’. Every year around 20 female teachers participate in this activity. Teachers get the most needed ‘Health and Wellness’ advice at the proper stage of life. Health assurance releases tensions and ambiguity from the minds of the teachers and they can focus better on their work.

GARBA- A Cultural Meet:

This practice is an exceptional cultural gathering of past and present students of the institute organized by ‘Past Students’ Association’. This provides a platform for coming together, exchanging and developing bonds on the beats of music with tapping of feet. GARBA is a Cultural event liked by all women, young and old. The idea of organizing GARBA as a ‘Past Students’ activity was suggested during a meeting of alumni. It was thought that this would create a platform for students to meet up, mingle and interact on large scale in an exhilarating environment that also supports Indian culture and traditions. The ‘Past Students’ Association’ takes entire responsibility to organize this event in the college by consulting the college authorities. This event is advertised through electronic media with help of the past students to have more participation from the alumni. A supportive ambiance is created in the campus with huge colourfulpendal, Digital Music system, etc. More than 1000 students enthusiastically participate in this activity every year. During this activity of 3 hours all the past and present students thoroughly enjoy themselves. Various cash prizes are declared for participants such as Best Group, Best Pair, Best Costume, Best Dancer, etc. This activity strengthens the contribution of Past Students in growth and development of the institution.